Sunday, October 7, 2007

Singapore Sojourn

Ang kulit... namin sa Singapore! We took our distributors to Singapore and JB, Malaysia last June 7-10, 2007 as part of their incentive trip program. There were 56 of us in 2 buses. It's work actually for us, Paolo, Odick, Aissa and Evita. Just the same, aliw to be in another country, getting a new perspective on life and generally, poking fun at another culture's different from your own. Don't we all do? Ta-tagalugin ko na lang ito, baka mabasa ng non-pinoys he he he..
Ba't ganon? Mas matagal tayong naging civilized than singapore. SG is such a young country, independence from Malaysia, 1965. Samantalang tayo, independence from US, when? 1945? Ba't ang ganda.. ang linis at ang unlad nila?
Paglabas pa lang namin ng airport, man, is this still Asia? Paolo keeps reminding me, Singapore is a 1st World country! So unfair din naman to compare Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, all 3rd world economies. Is Thailand still in the 3rd world list?
Sabi nila, sa SG, you can go anywhere in a matter of 20mins. Well, kasi naman ang liit ng bansa nila, at efficient ang transpo system. Lahat andun na in a few square miles. Shopping is expensive though. Unless you're buying the local brands like Charles & Keith. It's a heaven shopping at the airport. virtually duty-free talaga. They're proud of their airport, it has an internet cafe, jazz bar, spa, and are other things they're planning to put into it.
We didn't really got a chance to really scourge the city for anything. Save for a few hours in Bugis before they closed for the day. Sabi nila, mura daw sa Singapore electronics. But I'm not really interested in anything electronics at that time. I'm so tired! Going around with two full-buses of distributors... it would be a miracle if we had found time for ourselves.
Sabi nila, de-kahon daw mag-isip ang mga Singaporeans. Hmm.. Mukha nga. A friend of mine relates, at a KFC resto, "Can I have a gravy for my chicken? "No, we don't have gravy for chicken," says the Singaporean crew. "But you have mashed potato, and there's gravy on it." says my friend. "Sorry. That gravy is for mashed potato. No gravy for chicken." How's that?